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Greetings from North Carolina

Item posted: Tuesday 12th July , 2005

I'm in North Carolina and I'm having an amazing time. I'm glad I don't wear specs caus It's so hot and steamy here.

I arrived after a 25 hour journey to a botanical glass house environment on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. The people here are simply wonderful, around 300 participants, constant sessions under trees, dances, lectures. My classes are wonderful and I'm loving the teaching. The university is based around a farm and on day one Margaret Bennet gave me a tour on her little golf buggy. We went down to see the pigs and their piglets. So cute. Margaret's friend Lisa also drove us 2 hours to grandfather mountain to the most wierd and wonderful Highland Games. Amazing. Glad I brought my video camera. Bumped into Mary-Anne Kennedy and Jamie Le Val.. as one does. The world is getting even smaller.

I am giving a lecture tomorrow on my grandfather and his settings of traditional Scottish song. I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday I went to Ed Miller's lecture on Scotland in Pictures and song. Was great. Billy Jackson is here too and Jack Beck. Played a concert here last night with Jack Beck on lovely guitar and my lovely new friend Kathleen from Rhode Island on whistle and Jack's Wife Wendy with song. it was a lovely evening and a highlight was Jerry Holland's Tears air played by the man himself. Massive storm last night - but I don't know if that was Dennis or if he's still to come.... I'll be back with more news .....