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Reviews of Anna-Wendy and James Ross

Ardrishaig Hall was the evening venue for a quite superb recital of jigs, marches, slow airs, strathspeys, hornpipes, waltzes not forgetting the lives reels composed recently for an episode of Balamory in which Anna-Wendy starred. James welcomed the chance to play the MAAA grand piano rather than the usual keyboard, and his accompaniments were original, sensitive and supportive to the fiddling. His Marques of Huntley set showed clearly what a fine soloist he is with lightening fingers and a great sense of rhythm. Anna-Wendy has music coursing through her veins as her father is a renowned Edinburgh fiddle maker and her grandfather is a famous composer.

Her playing of the 18 sets which comprised the generous programme can only be described as outstanding not only for its virtuosity, but also for the sensitivity and musicianship which was always in evidence.

Her own compositions speak with an original and eloquent voice and the commentary and anecdotes which separated the sets were highly appreciated and at times most amusing.

John Holt
Campbeltown Courier

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